St. Fargeau
On Sunday, we visited St. Fargeau, a town about 30 minutes east of Briare where we cruised that day. We visited an impressive chateau and then had some time to roam around the town.
Seems to be some kind of back alley but with a stream running through. We saw this in a number of towns. This is the real thing. Timbers crossed with stuff filling in the holes. We wondered just how old some of these buildings are.
All week long we visited local churches since they are generally very old but kept up fairly well. Since France took a beating during WWI and WWII, almost all the stained glass was ruined. It's hard to tell which are original (if any) but some were quite pretty like this one in St. Saveur's Church in St. Fargeau. Other things we noted in many of the churches were: groups of statue heads, gargoyles, and other decorations being displayed that had been bombed off the church; arrow slits in many of the really old ones; uneven floors from so many feet; and dark - very few lights, mostly from candles.
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