Chateau Meillant
On Wednesday, after lunch, we took our second trip of the day - nearly two hours by bus to Chateau Meillant. Mostly we napped on the way. Chateau Meillant is a 15th century chateau which is privately owned and used as a hunting lodge. It was different than most historic places that we have been - kind of run down and shop-worn. There were pictures of the owner and family on the piano, overstuffed sofas in front of the fireplace obviously recently used. Only minimal restoration has been done. We were not allowed to take pictures inside, unfortunately. The owner is a "farmer" but must have tourists keep the place up.
Chateau Meillant from the front. The chapel is in the middle foreground, the lion tower and the lady tower to the right. The square towers at each end were built first; later the octagonal towers were added.
The lion tower, here in the center, is decorated with symbols of the family and topped with a gilded lion. Many of the places we visited had family symbols to indicate names since the literacy rate was very low.
The lady tower is nestled between the walls to the right of the lion tower and has cute little gargoyles at the base.
From the back, it looks much more fortress-like. I imagine the windows were added after wars were over.
Another view of the back and the moat.
Like I mentioned, it's a hunting lodge.
Roof decorations including the family symbol of the double "C" on the chimney.
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The carriage house.
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