Tuesday, again, was a mixture of sun and drizzle. After we arrived at our cruise destination, Menetreol, we took a very short ride to the wine and cheese producing region of Sancerre. We visited a goat farm and then a vineyard and winery.
On the way to the goat farm, we stopped at an overlook to take pictures. The weather was drizzly and chilly for this outing. Actually, the bus mutinied and had Cedrick return us to the barge right after the winery instead of going to town for shopping.
The goat cheese factory was interesting. We visited the goats (chevres) and the cheeses (fromages). I developed a liking for goat cheese while on this trip - I really didn't care for them before.
They make a famous goat cheese Crottin de Chavignol (you'll have to do your own translation).
The goats were really cute and friendly - this is a young female. They were housed in a barn and didn't have to go out into the cold and wet.
We petted the goats and fed them baguettes.
The grapes (pinot noir) have been picked and the vines trimmed.
Pinot noir grapes are picked by hand and these were not ready when the grapes were harvested.
The winery is a big limestone cave. They make a number of different wine varieties.
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The wine bar/gift shop.