Canal Lateral a la Loire
After leaving Briare, we cruised the Canal Lateral a la Loire for the rest of the cruise. Again, most of the trip was through rural areas that seem to retreat into times past with some exceptions that were striking. We traveled eventually to Plagny, a distance of about 112 km.
The canal was peaceful and quite nearly all the time. Here we are traveling from Briare to Beaulieu-sur-Loire.
A pretty house on the way to Beaulieu.
We stopped for the day and took a day trip to Gien.
On Tuesday we cruised from Beaulieu to Menetreol. This is one of the locks on that stretch of canal.
A boat on the way to Menetreol waiting for spring.
Also, on Tuesday, we got a good look at one of the many nuclear power plants along the Loire. These and those along the Loire like them provide about 1/3 of France's power.
And on the way, Stephan had to crank the manual lock doors while waiting for the lockkeeper to show up.
Tuesday, after cruising, we visited Sancerre.
One of the happy occurances on Wednesday, on the way to Cours-les-Barres, was a pair of blue herons in the area.
Here's a good look at the tight quarters in the lock while water is pouring in under the Chanterelle.
Another quiet part on Wednesday.
Wednesday we took two trips - one in mid-morning during the canal cruising to Cosne-sur-Loire and in the afternoon to Chateau Meillant.
A pretty house along the canal.
Just cruisin'.
Many locals use the canal tow paths for walking. Especially with their dogs. This is one of the footbridges across the canal.
We've come to the double lock before we cross the Allier River near Nevers.
We're standing on deck in the double lock looking back to where we've been. The lock doors are not shut yet.
Looking forward at the big doors, the water is gushing in underneath. There are many leaks above, however, and Stephan is getting wet.
We're nearly at the top of the locks now. This is the lockkeeper pushing the buttons. Tough job.
The big lock doors open and we're on our way across the Allier. Weird.
Looking back as we cross, there is an inviting hotel.
The Allier River.
Some boats sitting next to the canal. Waiting for next season?
Arriving at Plagny, we dock and take a trip to Nevers. This is the end of the cruise and after our gala dinner on board, we pack for our early morning bus trip to Paris.
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