The Chanterelle arrived in Briare on Sunday around 2 PM as usual and we went on our afternoon excursion to St. Fargeau. After we returned before dinner we walked down to the Loire River a couple of blocks away. We would travel on Monday across the bridge. The Pont Canal is a bridge which carries the canal across the river and was purportedly built under the direction of Eiffel of tower fame.
When the canal was in high use and before the bridge was built, the barges had to cross the river to get to the canal on the other side and many were lost in the rough waters of the Loire.
We walked down to the bridge to get a good look before complete dark. It was cold and windy but not raining.
In the morning, we went back to see the bridge in the daylight.
We walked about halfway and back.
The Loire from the bridge.
The Loire is in the background past the trees. This seemed to be an "access road" waterway with little foot bridges to cross. There is a pathway on the land where the trees are that many people used while we were there in the morning - walking on a bicycle.
We are on the barge now about to cross the bridge.
Crossing the bridge on the barge.
A view of Briare as we cross the bridge looking back from where we came.
Arriving on the other side of the bridge. Then you take a left.
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