Canal de Briare
We actually travelled parts of two canals. From Rogny les-7-Ecluses to Briare (at the Loire) we traveled the Canal de Briare for about 14km. The first locks we went through were electric and replaced the 17th century locks which were still there, parallel to where we traveled. Here are some of the sights on this stretch of canal.
One of the old locks and canal dated around 1609.
The Chanterelle approaching an electric lock the first day.
Naturally, the canal is glasslike and we were barely able to sense that we are on water.
A lockkeepers house. They were at nearly every lock. There were signs with the name of the lock and how far to the previous and next locks.
This barn appears to be older than dirt.
There were sheep, goats, cows, chickens, ducks, and pigs along the way.
Two of our fellow passengers walking between locks. In this place, the canal was built in the middle of a small lake. Very odd. Passengers could disembark at any lock and walk or ride bikes to another lock down the way. Umbrellas provided.
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