Our hotel barge was the Chanterelle (a mushroom). It is 38 m long and 5.5 m wide. There are two decks. Below are staterooms for 24 guests and 7 crew, more or less. All the crew did not stay on board every night - it was quite cramped. We started with 20 passengers, dropped to 18 when an unhappy couple were switched to another barge after one day, and on Monday, two travel agents who were testing it out left. We were 16 for the remainder of the trip and couldn't quite imagine what it would feel like with 24. Cozy.
The Chanterelle docked at Briare.
Our crew toasting the crossing of the Loire. Left to right they are: the pilot, Gaetan (Capt. Boom-Boom); Stephan, the First Mate, baguette procurer, bicycle mechanic; Adrian, the barge Manager (Mr. Lister), the only English crew; Guillaume, the Chef; Cedrick, our bus driver/tour guide, a girl-in-every-port; Magali, upstairs/downstairs French maid; Jolie, upstairs/downstairs maid, Adrian's amie.
Dave had the camera; what else can I say?
Our "cozy" cabin. The lighting was not good but you can get the idea. I was standing (or sitting as far back as possible from each end. Only one person at a time could actually move around.
Our daily trip and our lunch and dinner menus were posted each morning.
Dining room set for our final dinner aboard - the "gala" dinner.
Some of the crew in the bar on the last evening. The crew took turns doing the glassware and tending bar. Actually, we were welcome to help ourselves behind the bar - and most everyone did.
Close-up of the table setting - fresh flowers, confetti, napkins folded as flowers for the ladies and formal shirts for the gentlemen.
top Loire Sancerre St. Fargeau Gien Briare
Cosne Meillant Canal de Briare Nevers
Canal Lateral Paris
Some of the ladies in the lounge after dinner.