Friday, August 31, 2007

Novell less rubbishy

Novell just released financial results for its fiscal third quarter which ended July 31, and the news isn't all bad. As reported by Timothy Prickett Morgan at IT Jungle:
"the fact that NetWare sales are not plummeting, as they have been doing for many years, is probably equally significant and worthy of some attention."
The company managed to reduce it's net loss by over $3 million (from $6.5 million to 'only' $3.4 million). Morgan seemed almost giddy as he said:
"If aggregate NetWare and OES sales declines continue to shrink, as they have done in the past two quarters, and if Linux sales continue to grow, as they have particularly since Novell's distribution deal with Microsoft, then Novell could actually end up being a profitable company again..."
Just think what could happen if the company actually spent a couple of bucks marketing NetWare/OES...


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