Friday, August 10, 2007

Practical joke

Mike Hillwig posts a note on his blog today recalling a practical joke played "back in the days of Novel [sic] 4.0."

"When I was at Fiserv, we had a senior vice president that nobody seemed to like, including my boss. This was back in the days of Novel 4.0, a good eight or nine years ago. Somebody had set the VP’s password to expire every few days. And then, they set the password change prompt so that it would prompt him five days before the password was due to expire. On top of that, his account was set so that he couldn’t use the last hundred or so passwords. This annoyed the shit out of the VP. When he called the helpdesk, nobody could seem to figure out what the problem was. But with this setup, he was somehow being prompted to change his password every time he logged into the network.

My boss called the whole team together and wanted to know who the hell did this. He tried to yell at us because that’s what was expected of him. As he tried to be upset, he just couldn’t keep a straight face. It was quite possibly one of the best IT pranks any of us had seen to date.... or since."


Jim Henderson said...

One we did (in the 2.15 and 3.x days) was to put at the end of the login script the command "exit logout" - which would cause the logout program to be run at the end of the script. We had customized the login.exe and logout.exe programs (by wrapping them with our own versions) so that when logout.exe ran, it spawned 'logout.nov' (what we renamed the original logout.exe to be) and then would clear the screen and run our own login.exe - which would display an ANSI help screen and then spawn 'login.nov' - what we renamed Novell's login.exe to be.

Typically, this was done to another SUPERVISOR-equivalent user who we knew would be using multiple machines. On more than one occasion, this would result in head scratching and an "I could've SWORN I logged in on that machine..." comment - followed by another attempt to login, distraction, and more confusion on their part.

Fun days....

August 30, 2007 2:18 AM  

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