Thursday, February 1, 2007

eDirectory 8.8

There's a good review of eDirectory 8.8 at the TechWorld web site:

" Back in the old days when NetWare 4.x was a pretty neat idea, the new innovation that it brought with it was Novell Directory Services, or NDS..."

Reviewer David Cartwright doesn't get wildly enthusiastic, but I guess it's nice seeing anything good written about a non-Linux Novell product -

"In short, eDirectory is a very nice directory service. It’s perhaps a bit top-heavy when you compare it to something like OpenLDAP, but to its credit it’s been around for donkey’s years (remember its NetWare 4.x heritage) and I for one have worked in companies with global WANs running NDS and so I’ve seen it running happily in a decent sized, real-world setup."


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