Saturday, January 6, 2007

New NetWare utilities

Two new postings on the NetWare Cool Solutions site:

NetWare Control Tomcat - "
This is the perl script which provides simple interface to control the Tomcat server on NetWare machine. It enables user to easily and quickly start, stop or restart the Tomcat server."

Get NetWare File Attributes - "This perl script lists standard information about a file including the attributes that are set. If the attribute is set it is listed. The attributes can include: readOnly, hidden, system, subdirectory, archive, shareable, noSuballoc (no Suballocation), transaction, notVirtual, immediatePurge, renameInhibit, deleteInhibit, copyInhibit, adminLink, link, remoteDataAccess, remoteDataInhibit, compressImmediate, dataStreamCompress, doNotCompress, noStreamCompress, attrArchive (metadata archive bit), or volitile. "



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