Friday, January 5, 2007

Sadly noted

I've known David Harris for almost 20 years, even though we've only met once (in January, in Boston, some years ago at a NetWorld conference where we hoped to launch the "Association of NetWare Users" as an alternative to Novell's in house user-group, NUI). He's contributed much to NetWare through his Pegasus email and Mercury mail router software. So it's with great sadness that I noted this announcement on the Pegasus web site:

Effective January 2007, development and distribution of Pegasus Mail and Mercury has ceased. We regret this decision, but ongoing difficulties with funding have forced it upon us.
Take a moment and reflect on where we've come in 20 years, then join me in lifting a parting glass to David as he moves on with his life.


Ken said...

I'll make sure to lift a parting glass to Dave and his efforts. I've used Pegasus for nearly a dozen years and it is my favorite program. It's kind of funny, but Pegasus Mail is the only program I use where I know the name of its author(s) as if they were a friend (yet I've never met him). I'll always be grateful for his many years of efforts.

January 6, 2007 7:35 AM  

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