California Dreaming - reprise
I spent a week in San Jose at the end of July and mostly just enjoyed the weather (75 degrees, dry, and sunny). But I did do a little sight seeing and star gazing....
The sun's going down and the moon's coming up
Setting up in Fremont Park for star gazing
Reflections Scot getting lined up on the moon
Sun setting over rolling clouds
Moon over Monterey
Last of the sunset Scot took this with the digital camera through the telescope
I tried a local park, Kelley Park, which combines the Historic Park, the Happy Hollow Zoo, and the Japanese Garden which claims to have "quaint bridges and exotic koi". The price to park was $4 (!) and I wasn't about to pay entrance fees, so I visited the Japanese Garden.
The koi pond A quaint (?) bridge Exotic (?) koi
There were some interesting trees like this fuzzy one
More fuzzy tree
The egret made it worth while
Katie and I went out one day to the Peralte Adobe and Fallon House in downtown San Jose. Although built almost a hundred years apart, they were contemporary at the end of the 19th century and were home to two of San Jose's mayors.
The Peralte Adobe Kitchen
Outdoor cooking at its finest
Desk arrange as in Spanish period in San Jose
Fallon House drawing room
Fallon House across the street from the adobe
Next we went to the San Jose Municiple Rose Garden - always enjoyable. This day (Friday) there were wedding rehersals going on.
Back home there was lizard washing.
Bearded Dragon
The other beardie