Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Cringe-inducing conversation UPDATE

In a story in Ars Technica Six Apart's Anil Dash is quoted as saying "...democratized identity management systems like Six Apart's own OpenID..."

What the heck is that??? Do all the 'citizens' get to vote on your identity, or on their own identity, or ???????

And who in their right mind could call OpenID an "identity management system"? It's, at best, an authentication system or, even better, a signon system. But there's little management of the identities involved.

And what's with the proprietorial phrase "Six Apart's own OpenID"?

It's possible (but not bloody likely) that Ars Technica got it wrong. Still, I'm waiting for Six Apart to issue a correction/clarification.

UPDATE: Anil is saying that Ars Technica got it wrong. That what he said was "decentralized" identity management. I'd still quibble about OpenID being called an ID Mgmt System, but at least that other wierdness appears to be cleared up.

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